Man Overboard Synopsis

Log line: When C.J.'s used boat lot struggles he hires Johnny, an experienced salesman, to try and turn things around - unfortunately Johnny is also a sociopath and his sales tactics are crazy and completely illegal. Synopsis: C.J. Mason runs Mason Marine, a fledgling used boat shop. His three salesmen, Steve, Frank, and Kyle, are unmotivated. Steve loves to brown-nose C.J., but has no finesse with the customers. Frank wants an easy job so he can spend time at home with this family. Kyle is just selling boats until his rock band gets their big break. One weekend while visiting the in-laws, C.J.'s father-in-law mocks C.J.'s job and business and tells him he ought to buy a real house for his growing family. C.J.'s offended by his remarks. While C.J.'s sales team can't sell, C.J. can, and he makes a decent living selling boats. C.J.'s father-in-law tells him that the house across the street is for sale and would be great for C.J.'s family, if only C.J. could afford it. They go to look at the house across the street where the realtor, Johnny Cross, comes up with a payment plan that C.J. can almost afford. C.J.'s wife, Madeline, is skeptical that they can afford the house, but C.J.'s insists that he's going to get the other guys selling at the shop. The next day, Johnny stops by the boat shop. Johnny wants to start selling boats for C.J. C.J. recognizes Johnny's salesmanship, but is skeptical that Johnny would make as much money selling used boats as he did selling real estate. Johnny tells C.J. that he loves boating, and while he's always been a great salesman, he's never sold anything he was truly passionate about. Steve suggests that Johnny should have to sell to Harvey, a regular looky-loo who comes to the shop often, but never buys anything. Johnny's eager to accept the challenge. He approaches Harvey and ends up selling him a discarded dingy for $35. C.J. is impressed with Johnny's creativity and desire to succeed and hires him on the spot. Johnny starts selling lots of boats. He knows every sales trick. He's not above fabricating stories to make a sale either. Johnny's lies don't go unnoticed by Frank though. After work one evening, Johnny propositions C.J., asking if he can be the sales manager. C.J. tells Johnny that he's never been able to motivate the guys. Johnny assures him he can motive them and wants a half point of everything they sell. With the down payment on the new house looming, C.J. agrees. Johnny takes over at the boat shop. He scolds Frank for not getting follow-up information from a customer and subsequently tazers him with an electric stun gun. Johnny brings Steve in for a sales meeting. He has pictures of Steve cheating on his wife and tells Steve that if he doesn't start selling, he's going to tell Steve’s wife about the affair. Johnny brings Frank in for a sales meeting and not so subtly implies that he'll break Frank’s daughter's legs if he doesn't start selling. Frank quits. When Frank arrives home, he finds his daughter's stuffed animals in a pile on her bed with all their legs cut off. Johnny goes to one of Kyle's shows and compliments Kyle and his band. Johnny tells Kyle that they've got to sell their band to the record labels, and that the sales techniques he'll need are basically the same as the ones he uses to sell boats. For the first time, Kyle starts to get it. Frank and Steve go out on a fishing trip with C.J., who tells them how happy he is with Johnny and is amazed at how many boats they've all sold since Johnny took over. Frank and Steve tell C.J. what Johnny has been doing – the lies, the tazer gun, the threats. C.J. isn't quite sure they're telling him the truth, chalking it up to professional jealousy. The next day C.J. asks Johnny if he's been electrocuting Frank with a tazer. Johnny tells him that he has, but that it's a very soft charge and the device is used to train dogs. C.J. tells him to stop. Johnny promptly goes to Frank and tazers him again. Unsure what to do and afraid of Johnny, Frank and Steve start selling lots of boats. Meanwhile, Kyle now realizes that his band's success may depend on his sales ability, so he starts taking notes from Johnny and selling a few boats, too. A disgruntled customer shows up. Johnny sold him a lemon. Johnny goes with the customer to see the broken boat. Moments later, C.J. and Frank arrive on the scene to find the customer lying on the ground, bleeding from the head. Frank immediately accuses Johnny of hitting him over the head, but Johnny denies it. C.J.'s not sure what to think. C.J. finds Johnny's resume and starts calling his references. All Johnny's references check out; however, C.J. realizes something isn't right and calls information to get the phone number for a Ford dealership where Johnny worked. The receptionist tells C.J. that Johnny owes her back child support, and when the manager gets on the phone, he tells C.J. he'd be better off hiring Satan than Johnny. Meanwhile, Manas, a rich businessman, brings his $80,000 boat to C.J.'s lot for C.J. to sell on consignment. Kyle and his band have a meeting with a major record label, and Kyle uses the sales tricks Johnny taught him to get the band signed. C.J. goes to talk with the injured customer. The customer has hired a lawyer, and they want $50,000 or they're taking the case to trial. Johnny pushes Frank and Steve even harder, telling them that they have to sell $90,000 worth of boats in one day or else he's telling Steve's wife about the affair and breaking Frank's daughter's legs. Frank and Steve, unable to sell anywhere near that much, are left with no alternatives but to quit. The next morning when C.J. arrives at the shop, he sees that Johnny has sold Manas’ boat. C.J. calls Johnny, who tells C.J. he sold it for $5,000. C.J. tells him it's an $80,000 boat. Johnny apologizes for the misunderstanding and tells C.J. to take it out of his next check. Johnny pocketed the money. C.J. goes to Frank and Steve to try and get them to come back and help him quickly liquidate his inventory to pay off Manas and the lawsuit, but Frank and Steve have found other jobs. C.J.'s father-in-law shows up and tells C.J. that he thinks a lot of him despite the constant ribbing. C.J. invites Johnny back for a one day sell-off. The winner gets everything. Johnny agrees. They both go to work, selling boat after boat. C.J.'s entire family is there to cheer him on. Frank, Steve, and Kyle show up to support C.J., too. Johnny uses every dirty trick he knows (and a few new ones) to get boats out the door. By the end of the day, it's neck and neck, but Johnny sells the final boat on the lot, giving him the edge… and, barring a miracle, the win. C.J.'s sons are playing with C.J.’s childhood toy boat, “Tuggy.” C.J. tells his family that this is the last boat on the lot and must be sold for $13,000. Steve, Kyle, Frank, and C.J.'s father-in-law step up and offer the full $13,000 for the boat. Pissed, Johnny threatens them. Just then, the police show up and arrest Johnny for the back child support that he owes to the receptionist at the car dealership he worked at. After paying back Manas and settling the lawsuit, C.J. is left with only the $5,000 that Johnny left him after selling Manas’ boat. C.J. hires his old sales guys back and goes to work rebuilding his business from scratch and living in their modest house that they can afford.